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Company Overview: North State Software believes that good software starts with a good design. Our mission is to turn your design into working code as quickly and easily as possible. Founded in 2004 by veteran control systems engineers, Mark Uebel and James Rivenbark, North State’s flagship product, the North State Framework, provides a simple but elegant mapping between UML State Machine diagram elements and a robust set of C# .Net classes. Class inheritance and composition allow for a high degree of reuse, extensibility, and maintainability, while utility classes for threading, timers, and tracing speed the coding effort.
Product/Service Description: The North State Framework (NSF) is a .Net class library that provides a one-to-one mapping between UML State Machine diagram elements and library classes. Implementation is a direct translation of the design, making code creation a simple process. NSF state machine features include: states, psuedo-states, transitions, events, reactions, regions, and fork joins. Design features include: inheritance, composition, threading, timers, and trace logging. NSF currently supports C#. Please contact North State Software for additional language support.
Sales Contact: Karen Hiser
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Sales Contact Phone: 919-469-0527
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